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My Love for Make Up, Fashion and Vanity is duplicated in my genes. My Mom Cannot survive a week without a new mani and pedicure,We both love High Quality Tiangge and Thrift Shops. Now, I am Focusing mainly on my Passion for Make Up. Make Overs Through make up has been one of my greatest fantasies in life. Born with a Highly Feminine Brain, I would like to share with you some Beauty Tips and Advice to Help you in your everyday life. As Women, We should never be caught dead looking haggard and Ugly, That is a Mortal Sin for us Women.

It is True that Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder, There are some People who are born with a very beautiful face without a killer personality and there are those not born with an almost perfect face, has the wits ,is very appealing to many, basically what sets them apart is the level of confidence they exude.

Every Woman Possess their own Vanity or “Kikay” Kits inside their Bags, if you are like me, who is a make up addict, for sure you can relate on how heavy my handbag is and it is because of my unlimited lippies, mascara and the can’t live without liquid eyeliner on my pouch. I observe girls who put on make up the wrong way, there are lots of make up looks to serve as inspiration and one of the biggest mistakes women make are as follows:

1. Wrong Choice of Color, In choosing the right color we should always take into consideration our skin tone. There are lots of shades to choose from especially in Lip Colors, Shadow Palettes and Most of All Foundation. If you are a newbie in the Make up World, Do not be shy to ask the beauty adviser in Make up counters on what shade flatters your look.

We have A Cold and Warm Skin Tones

Here’s a helpful link for us to properly identify the skin we’re in:

Link 1

Link 2

2. Always Invest in a High Quality Foundation. I believe that The Choice of Foundation can Make or Break your Look, A Simple way to identify your foundation shade is to test it on your jaw line, this is the midline between the neck and face which identifies our true color. Do Not be Afraid or shy to test the Foundation shades found in the beauty counter. Also, Take into consideration you Skin Type (Oily, Dry, Combination) Make Up Innovations are on the rise we have different forms of Make Up, We have the Liquid, Sheer, Matte, Mineral, Tinted Moisturizers, Powder Foundations etc.

For Beginners: You may use BB creams, even on lazy days it gives us magic, it offers full coverage without worrying about the thickness or caking.

3. There is a Time for Everything. We have a Day Look, Evening Look, Smokey Eyes, Bold Lips, Nude Lips, Ethereal Goddess Look, Blushing Bride Look, etc yada yada.

Best Day Looks: Always Go forthe Au Naturelle Look, Men hate to see thickly applied make up on our faces, Most Men prefer Women with a No make Up Look. All you have to do is learn the Beauty tricks. If you are to accentuate a part of your face. I Highly Suggest a Nude Lip color on a day look and a candy colored eye palette for a fresh look, curl your lashes and apply 2 coats of mascara, add a clear mascara to enhance the curls. Since we choose to emphasize the eyes, do not forget to fix your eyebrows too πŸ˜€ Inspiration for this look: Katy perry

Best Evening Look, Be a Minimalist.Since it is Night Time, you have to choose popping colors for you to be noticed. If you choose a Bold Red Lip Color, Leave your Dark shadoow palette behind and just curl your lashes and put lengthening or volumizing mascara, apply bronzer to enhance cheek bones and add a very thin liquid liner on top of your lash line for a flirty Night time look. Inspiration for this look: Dita Von Teese (Pin up girl)

4. You can save big on Lipsticks, Glosses etc. if you are on a budget, it is not a hindrance to stay pretty all the time, i am telling you it is not an excuse. What I observed on expensive Lipstick versus the cheaper ones, the only difference is, expensive lip colors gives better liip moisture and is color stay as compared to cheaper Lippies. For Me, Lipsticks serves one purpose it is to make us Beautiful πŸ™‚ Do not be afraid to try different brands, be it expensive or not, what’s far more importante is if Β IT LOOKS GOOD ON YOU. Try e.l.f. brands (eyes, lips and face) or maybelline and loreal, they offer cheap yet highly reliable products, but my favorite of all is Revlon πŸ˜€

5. Always check on the Expiration dates of your Make up Products, Among the sensitive ones are your mascara and Foundations. Consume them immediately they have the shortest shelf life. Always Wash your brush with a baby shampoo, keep it clean to avoid bacteria growth..

6. Puttiing on a Liquid Liner takes a lot of practice and very gentle fingers, and patience LOts of it, I will be giving you advice on how to cheat your profesionnal liquid liner look, honestly, liquid dip liners vs gel liners offers the same quality of look, so we should not sweat if we cannot put a liquid liner on πŸ™‚ it’s no big deal darling. we may also purchase liquid liner stickers online, and pair it with falsies what a nice idea isn’t it?

7. If you have 10 to 15 minutes to get ready for work, I will give you 10 magic steps towards becoming the beautiful you everyday,

clean your face with a toner, apply sunscreen protection of course! (leaving sunscreen lotions behind may speed up the development of wrinkles and skin sagging do not be a bitter ampalaya), put on your bb cream evenly, include your neck, apply your powder, fix your eyebrows,curl your lashes, put 2 coats of volumizing mascara, apply powder bronzer and apply coral lip color and voila, it is your time to shine πŸ™‚

8. Learn how to play up your over all look by learning the hairstyle tricks that flatters your look, on a lazy day you may want to do a messy braid, or go for a fishtail to uinleash your inner lara croft, go for big natural curls, a high ponytail will make you neat and polished.

9. We Must Learn to Accept that Not every look flatters us, some looks may be good on tv or beauty magazines it does not guarantee that it will look good on us too. But there is a solution to that, Learn to know what flatters our Look from the proper choice of color, our skin type, body type, etc. Not all girls are born with a Supermodel built and face but we can be beautiful in each and our own little ways πŸ™‚ We just have to learn how to play by the rules of Beauty.

10. If I Could Recommend a Budget Friendly Make up Brand, Among My favorites are Revlon, San San and Β elf. It gives you a lot while not breaking the bank. In terms of Mascara, I always purchase Maybelline Hypercurl and Falsies. My Favorite ELF finds are: dual blush on palette, clear mascara, dip liners, eye shadow duo palette (coffee brown shade). I love the foundations in revlon.

When you Choose to Splurge on Beauty, go to essences and beauty bar you will always feel like you are in wonderland πŸ™‚ my most favorite brand is CLINIQUE and Smashbox πŸ˜€

I hope my Nagmamarunong Tips help you in some little ways πŸ˜€

Be a Minimalist. If you choose a Bold Red Color, Leave your Dark shadoow palette behind and just curl your lashes and put lengthening or volumizing mascara, apply bronzer to enhance cheek bones and add a very thin liquid liner on top of your lash line for a flirty day time lookQueen of Make Up Look in Nude ColorQueen of Make Up Look in Nude Color

Smokey Eyes with Nude LipsSmokey Eyes with Nude Lips

Candy Colored Eyes with porcelain skinCandy Colored Eyes with porcelain skin

Long Long Lashes LookLong Long Lashes Look

Effortless Seductive Classic LookEffortless Seductive Classic Look


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